How does it work?

Logging in

Welcome! You were invited to a consulting website. This project might be open for everyone or closed for members only. If it's closed, you will need to enter your email to log in.

Adding Answers

Once you are in your project, you will see the consulting question. You can enter the answer flow by clicking "ANSWER NOW". All of the community members can read your advice.

Doing Tasks

We need your help to turn all answers into key insights. You will be presented with simple analytical tasks, like highlighting answers, grouping highlights together or drafting insights.

Getting Feedback

Once the insights are ready, you can expect an email from us. Then, after the decision makers make their decisions, you will receive an update on your own personal impact.

Questions and Answers

I can't log in. What do I do?

If the site is closed for members only, please try to find the original invitation email with your personal access link or try to login with a different email address of yours.
If you’re having problems accessing other sites or can't find the original invitation email, please email us at
with the site name and URL.

Will my answers and comments be made public?

Your name will be visible on the website alongside your answers and comments. However, access to the project or the entire site might be restricted to members only. If the site is closed for members only, you will see a sign in the site homepage or the project background pages. Please note that the purpose of the website is to facilitate an open, communal conversation and generate actionable insights on what works. We believe that transparency is a vital part of this process.

Can I choose to make my answer anonymous?

We are committed to creating an open space for conversations about things that matter. We therefore urge you to consider participating with your real name. However, we do want everyone to take part and understand that for some individuals a lack of anonymity will inhibit participation.

If the site is open for all, you can usually answer without giving your real name (unless admins defined differently). If the site is closed for members, this option will not be available. You may instead choose to email your answer to the organization directly.

Will answers be monitored or moderated?

This is defined by the admins. Answers might be published automatically as they are submitted, or subjected to a review of the admins or the community before they are published. However, even after answers are approved, participants can report them as inappropriate, which might lead to their temporary suspension until a further review.

Can I edit or remove my answer after I’ve posted it?

Yes, you can edit or remove your answers yourself by entering the "My Answers" section in the project page or your profile page and opening the answer menu (look for the "^" sign on the left). If you experience any difficulty doing this, email with the answer URL.

How will my answers have an impact?

Participants will be invited to take part in a process of analysis via the website, through which all answers will be transformed into bottom-line, actionable insights. These insights will be presented to the decision makers, who will then be able to address them.